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​The New Nomads are Platinum… not Grey!

The transformation starts straight after the Easter holidays—a convoy of inward bound caravans weaves its way slowly into Agnes Water as the Grey
Nomads make their way north from the southern states to enjoy our wonderfully clement autumn and winter.

But there’s a new breed of less conspicuous nomads, who drive north in their sedans and slip inconspicuously into our fully self-contained apartments for
the winter months and form a part of the winter population of our idyllic little beach side town. Megan and David have stayed with us for a couple
of months, 3 times in the last 12 months and we are finding that these new nomads are becoming part of a small but growing Beach Club family.

So over a couple of afternoon drinks (as you do), we talked about their lives and how the Beach Club and Agnes Water have grown to be such a large part
of it.

BEACH CLUB: How did you come to be on the road?
DAVE: We sold our house in Byron 12 months ago and we wanted to explore our possibilities
before we bought and settled down again.
MEG: We really did just want to be free to roam—to wander and wonder.

BEACH CLUB: How did you come to be on the road to Agnes Water?
DAVE: We came into Agnes with the view to buying here—we’ve looked at a few towns since we sold. We came here 10 years ago and we really loved
MEG: We love the beach, the quiet lifestyle and village atmosphere.
DAVE: Yeah, it’s a village, but with enough infrastructure—doctors, dentist, butcher, fish monger, supermarket…
MEG: … fresh produce markets on Sunday, yoga and even a great custom jeweler! Plus it’s an easy place to make friends—it’s a lovely community.
DAVE: Blues and Roots Festival.
MEG: …and turtle watching!
DAVE: It’s a no brainer.

BEACH CLUB: How do you feel about being labeled New Nomads?
DAVE: Don’t fence us in!
MEG: Just don’t call me Grey! Platinum maybe… but not Grey!

BEACH CLUB: How did you find the Beach Club initially?
MEG: We drove past the Beach Club thinking it would be well outside of our budget but then we met an old surfer, from Tathra in NSW, who stays here
every year—Vinnie. He tuned us in to your excellent low-season, long-stay-rates and well… the rest is history.

BEACH CLUB: What was the deciding factor in staying for months on end?
DAVE: Competitive rates,
MEG: Modern apartments with a massive deck,
DAVE: Central location.

BEACH CLUB: What made you want to come back time and time again?
MEG: You guys are so friendly, we just phone and you find us the room we want at the rate we love… it’s too easy.
DAVE: No bond, no bills, no ties, we just come and go as we need.
MEG: We mostly cook for ourselves—the kitchens are fabulous—which really keeps our costs down.
DAVE: The local fish is awesome.
MEG: We love the early morning beach thing here—the dawn patrol—and when the beach is out for one reason or another there’s always the
pool. Did we mention the lovely accommodating staff?

BEACH CLUB: Ahhhh, shucks you guys.
MEG: We mean it! Oh, and you know what else I really love? We rent a one bedroomed apartment but when friends and family come up to stay we just get
you guys to open up the door to the second bedroom and when they leave we close it back up—it doesn’t even cost that much to have guests stay.
It’s like having an expanding and contracting house!

BEACH CLUB: Why didn’t the caravanning life ever appeal to you?
DAVE: Been there—overcrowded expensive van parks…
MEG: Jammed in like sardines with shared facilities. No way José!
DAVE: Didn’t want the expense or hassle of a large van/motorhome/4wd, we like our freedom.
MEG: And we got hassled a couple of times when free camping. We got over it pretty quickly!

BEACH CLUB: So we’re saying goodbye to you again tomorrow—when do you think you’ll be back?
DAVE: (Chuckles) probably not long…
MEG: Nope, probably not long at all (smiles).
BEACH CLUB: We’ll have your room ready!

If you want to find out more about off-season long-stay rates then give reception a call on 07-4974-7355

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